About Us

Ningbo Jiusheng Mould Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company set up in Ningbo to sell mould materials and heat treatment processing. The company was awarded the special distributor of die steel by Shanghai Special Steel Co., Ltd. of Northeast Special Steel Group, and was awarded the special distributor of die steel   by Shanghai Baosteel Special Metal Materials Co., Ltd. (the former Shanghai steel No.5 plant). The company has won the trust and support of new and old customers in Ningbo area by honest operation, professional service and wholesale and retail processing. Through the efforts of all employees, the company's performance has been rising year by year, and has been ranked among the top in the mold material sales and heat treatment processing companies in Ningbo for more than 10 years.

The main die material steel types operated by the company are Dongbei special steel 2344, Shanggang No.5 plant sw2738, H13 and swdva; the general die material steel grades are P20, 718, 40Cr, 45 ා, Cr12, Cr12MoV, 38CrMoAl, 42CrMo, T10A, GCr15, 60Si2Mn, 16Mn, 4Cr13, HD, CrWMn, etc. At present, the company has four standardized production rooms, with business office area of 4000 square meters and steel stacking area of 10000 square meters, covering a total area of 20000 square meters. With the rapid development of Ningbo mold industry in recent years, it has led to the continuous growth of our company. The company has more than 30 sets of national and regional famous brand drilling, milling, grinding, turning, cutting, sawing and other advanced equipment in Japan, Italy, Taiwan and other countries and regions, 2500 square meters of processing workshop, 2000 square meters of heat treatment workshop, 6 sets of gas cutting machines, 9 sets of sawing machines, 18 sets of milling machines, 6 sets of surface grinding machines, precision 2 milling machines, the maximum processing 2000 * 1000 specifications, according to customer requirements zero cutting and wholesale all kinds of raw materials and processing semi-finished boards.

With the tenet of "dare to open up, forge ahead, adapt to the market and win-win", the company has established a good business reputation among more than 1000 customers, and its market share in Ningbo has been expanding. On the basis of mutual benefit, Ningbo Jiusheng Mould Technology Co., Ltd. provides high-quality and high-performance tooling steel products to the majority of users, and is committed to opening new products Develop new products to meet market demand to replace imported die steel, and strive to provide customers with the best quality service!